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Oxford University offers unparallelled resources for the study of early modern English literature and has the world's largest concentration of specialists in this field. Based in the English Faculty, the Centre for Early Modern Studies serves as a central forum for research, conferences and graduate study, and aims to encourage collaboration across a wide range of related disciplines.

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The establishment of the Centre for Early Modern Studies was funded with a grant from the John Fell OUP Research Fund. Read more about John Fell and the history of the book.

Michaelmas Term 2014

Seminar details may be found on the Current events page.

Seminars in the next seven days

Week 3

Cultures of Knowledge
Kathryn Eccles, 'Looking into the Crowd: Understanding the Users of Digital Heritage Collections'
Monday 5.15pm, Rees Davies Room, History Faculty, George Street

Early Modern World Seminar
Sophie Nicholls, '“These damnable and partial words, Leaguer and Politique": Catholic Critiques of League Political Thought'
Wednesday 11.15pm, Old Common Room, Balliol College

Early Modern Britain Seminar
Paul Seaward, 'The View from the Devil's Mountain: Clarendon, Hobbes, History and the Legal-Clerical Complex of Restoration England'
Thursday 5pm, Breakfast Room, Merton College

Ideas and Society c. 1600 – 1800
Jonathan Israel, 'Radical Enlightenment and the French Revolution'
Friday 5pm, Examination Schools